The greatest cabaret act in magic is explained by its creator, PAUL DANIELS. This is the act that made Paul Daniels Britain's top club magician. The act that made him a star on television. The act that enabled him to tour the world. It is also the act that made many people want to become a professional magician.


DAVID WILLIAMSON is an award-winning performer, amazing sleight of hand artist and superb entertainer. His unique style helped change the way we perform magic. And now he shares the routines that built a career, won praise from fellow performers and the applause of the audience. All in… RIDICULOUS.


Miguel Puga, also known as MagoMigue, reveals some of his most cherished secrets. More than two dozen professional and award-winning routines including five of the best stand-up routines you will ever see. Four amazing discs of wonderful magic. In English subtitled In 6 languages.


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One of the most amazing Floating Ball routines of magic history. From Luis de Matos this is a fantastic rig that sums up like this: One man operation (no backstage assistants), no motors or electronics, new 100% original moves, 9 phase routine, easy simple and quick set-up, start clean and finish clean. Ball appears to move independently of the magician. Every aspect of performance explained.Special gimmick included. Use any lightweight ball or get our “THE PROFESSIONAL FLOATING BALL”.


The Intercessor is a unique gimmick that makes miracles possible. Created by GAETAN BLOOM and used in his professional shows for many years, it enables you to do most baffling versions of the classic card in orange. Indeed any effect in which a selected card is torn to pieces and then reappears, bar the corner retained by the volunteer, in an impossible location. The new gimmick is included with the DVD together with details for Gaetan’s several routines, handling and performance tips from top magicians around the world, comprehensive history and performance footage.


The Red Envelope is David Sousa’s award-winning silent act. This act inspired a generation of world-class manipulators and champions and led to David being appointed Honorary Professor at the Academy of Magical Arts in South Korea. In this themed act a red envelope appears, transforms and vanishes in the most astonishing manner. These incredible visual effects can be used in any stage act and the ingenious systems applied to develop more astounding productions, vanishes and transformations.