Miguel Puga, also known as MagoMigue, reveals some of his most cherished secrets. More than two dozen professional and award-winning routines including five of the best stand-up routines you will ever see. Four amazing discs of wonderful magic. In English subtitled In 6 languages.


Woody Aragón has a remarkable mind. He creates self-working miracles with cards. Routines that are baffling, entertaining and award-winning. Now his astounding material is fully explained on this four DVD box set. Also included an exclusive interview. In English subtitled In 6 languages.


Miguel Angel Gea is one of Spain´s finest close-up magicians, the winner of many awards including the Ascanio Prize and the National Grand Prix of Magic in Spain. He is a specialist in coins and cards and here on these four DVDs he reveals many of his professional routines and prize winning magic.


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A card is selected from a deck of numbered cards. A four hands of cards is dealed and the spectator guess which hand adds up to the same number he has chosen. The spectator is correct. The chosen hand does add up to his selected number. Each of the other three hands also reveals the chosen number. The four hands are quickly arranged into a 4x4 grid to form a magic square. The cards are turned over to reveal a message that also predicts the chosen number. Totally self-working. Easy to reset. Different numbers can be selected.


The Mirage is one of Dani DaOrtiz’s routines. A special deck that combines elements of Hofzinser’s Transformation Pack and Robert-Houdin’s Protean Pack. It enables the performer to transform a deck of fifty-two different cards into a deck that is all alike. Not just once, but twice. Three aces reveal the two chosen cards. They transform into the first card and then the entire deck follows. Every card is identical. Repeated with the second selection. First the aces transform and then the deck. Finally the deck changes back into fifty-two different cards.


An Award Winning Routine! This is the comedy card routine that helped Woody Aragón win first prize at the International Day of Magic in London, 2011. The Bumblebees of the title are printed on the cards. Four bumblebees travel one at a time from one packet to another in the most mysterious fashion. Trick concludes with a smash finale as all four bumblebees end up squashed! Comes complete with special cards and recording of Rimsky Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebees,” the music that Woody Aragón uses in his performance.