René Lavand MAESTRO

Rene Lavand is a true master of magic. An elegant and dextrous magician who turns every performance into a theatrical experience. Now you can see Rene Lavand performing his professional show at the Ajuda National Palace in Lisbon, Portugal. Shot on multiple cameras and in high quality video this is an opportunity to see Rene Lavand at his best.

These Magic-Packed DVDs Include Explanations For Rene Lavand's Professional Act:
The Credential, Ace, 2, 3, 4, The Sonnet, Ambitious Card, Three of Spades, Why do the Colors Alternate, The Copla, It Can't Be Done Any Slower, Calling the Cards, The Three Bread Crumbs, Card in Wallet.

Plus Signature Compositions:
The Greek, The Cumanes, Gitano Antonio, Duel in the West, The Tijuano, Old Man River, The Pygmalion, Spanish Deck Routine.

And Techniques:
False shuffles, cuts, deals, palms, change and deck switch.

MAESTRO, the stunning new DVD Box Set from the Essential Magic Collection.
The incredible magic of Rene Lavand, 4 DVDs, 8 hours of performance, explanations and interviews.

Subtitled in 5 Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.

"When people watch René Lavand the comments from magicians tend to focus on the fact that he only has one hand. I think that misses the real magic of the man. Rene Lavand, to a lay person, performs real magic. There isn't a hint of a fancy flourish or move. There isn't a hint of a noise to say that something manual is going on. It'is magic. And as if that wasn't enough, he turns his close up table into a theatrical experience with superb timing, not only of his invisible manipulations, but also of his words, his looks, his body gestures. Rene Lavand makes magic beautiful." PAUL DANIELS

"Rene Lavand is one of the world's greatest treasure: a living legend." RICHARD KAUFMAN

"Rene Lavand is the best magician in the world. He does with one hand what others dream doing with two. What makes him special is that he has transcended all technique and limitations of magic, and like a true artist he touches people deeply in their soul. He makes you experience the true feeling of wonder." NORM NIELSEN

Total Running time Approximately 07h57m