It is with great satisfaction and immense gratitude towards one of the most creative magicians I know, that I have some wonderful news to share with you.

TOPAS is one of the most talented magicians of our time and he has decided to share with the magic community everything he ever created. Here are some of his greatest creations taken straight from his professional repertoire. Not only are the effects amazing and entertaining but the methods are diabolically clever.

On VIRTUOSO Topas doesn't hold back anything! From illusions to manipulation, from theory to his own creative process. Imagine spending a week with him and be able to ask any questions and see every prop inside out. It's difficult to believe that a creator and performer like Topas would ever explain it all. He did.

VIRTUOSO runs for over 9 hours and you'll also get 2 more hours in extras. This is a 4 DVD set in English and subtitled in German, Spanish, English and French.

Be the first to watch the trailer (as it is not yet published anywhere else) and pre order Topas VIRTUOSO. You'll not regret it!

Luis de Matos

“Throughout his career, Topas has managed to walk a line by using his artistry, his originality, and a sure sense of how people enjoy stage magic. He’s been performing a tightrope act, but I don’t know anyone who does it better. “Virtuoso” is that tightrope act, every decision, every step. It’s creativity at work: exciting and inspiring to watch.”

Jim Steinmeyer

"Topas is one of my favorite performers of magic, because his is one of my favorite thinkers about magic. And vice versa."

Max Maven

“Topas is a Genius!”

Yu Hojin