THE MAGIC SQUARE by Luis de Matos

Luis de Matos professional magic square routine as used on television. No math, no formula, numbers called out by the audience. An inexplicable miracle.

The Magic Square is Luis de Matos’ own professional routine for this popular effect. It uses no math, calculations or formulas. The routine is designed so that you can devote all your energies to the presentation.

Imagine a magic square where a number is freely chosen. You now call for other numbers from the audience and write them down on a board, creating a magic square. Amazingly each row, column and diagonal of the magic square now add up to the number chosen right at the start of the routine.

Every detail is described in full so that you can add this routine to your repertoire. Contains footage of the routine in performance. Also described is Luis de Matos own handling of the instant magic square for impromptu work.