THE OPONGO BOX by Juan Luis Rubiales


Juan Luis Rubiales has created the ultimate coin box. It’s an Okito, Boston and Slot Box all in one. It’s an ingenious combination that enables you to create routines that baffle even the experts. Rubiales performs and explains five different effects including Come and Go, an instantaneous appearance and disappearance of a coin from the box. What Came First, a routine in which 3 coins appear in the box one at a time. And Escapologist where 4 coins penetrate through a glass tumbler and appear in the covered box.

(click to watch full performance)


"With his Opongo Box, Juan Luis Rubiales has definitely thought out and beyond the box...It’s a powerful and synergistic blending that will appeal to coin magic aficionados."
Wayne Kawamoto, 9/17/2015 Full Review
"This is a very special box which I recommend all coin workers should have. If you don’t have a coin box, you should get this. It’ll be fun to play with."
Bernard Sim, 9/30/2015 Full Review
"If you like Okito box work you will enjoy this and the possibilities that come with it. If you have never done any studying/performing of Oktio box magic, do not start with this - get a basic box or a set of boxes and work your way up to this."
Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz, MyLovelyAssistant 9/25/2015 Full Review
"This is a solid win. Wow! Great prop and I highly recommend it. If you do coin magic you need this product, if you don’t do coin magic then this is a GREAT introduction to a great coin device."
William Draven, Reviewer 9/2/2015 Full Review
"It's a no brainer for coin magicians..."
Ekaterina, Reviewer 10/2/2015 Full Review
"It's beautifully made!", Reviewer 10/5/2015 Full Review
"Coin magicians and those who are fond of magic apparatus will love this..."
Jared Kopf, Magic Magazine 10/19/2015